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MyDataQ: the definitive
tool for the optimization of your data

System composed of modules that perform name normalization, standardization and codification of postal addresses, identification of duplicates and enrichment of postal addresses with geographic data.

Data standardisation

We standardize and campify the data of names, postal addresses, ID, telephone and e-mail. Through this standardisation we also correct existing errors and unify the different forms of abbreviations into a single term.

Data Deduplication

We identify duplicates in the databases to achieve a unique customer view. We give these duplicates a degree of similarity that will provide us with more precise information on the type of similarity that unites them for subsequent use by the client.

Data Enrichment

We bring greater richness to the information through geographical data. We increase the information you need about your clients, related to cadastral information, typologies, XY coordinates, inverse geocoding, income and census section.

¿Por qué invertir en Calidad de Datos?

Información inválida o incompleta​
Información útil y veraz
Comunicación deficiente y poco personalizada
Imagen de la empresa mejorada
Imposibilidad de control de entrada de datos fraudulentos
Prevención del fraude
Riesgo de incumplimiento de normativa
Cumplimiento de la legislación
Excesivos recursos dedicados a la gestión de datos
Reducción de costes
Imposibilidad de obtener una visión única de clientes
Visión unificada de clientes
Información inexacta en los procesos de analítica de datos
Análisis eficiente de datos
Escaso conociemiento del cliente y su entorno
Toma de decisiones correctas
Problemas con envíos a domicilio y devoluciones postales
Entregas postales óptimas

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Contract a license for your computers,
work from the cloud or ask us for a specific job

Contract a license for your computers, work from the cloud or ask us for a specific job