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Normalized Postals: normalization of addresses in your database

The Addresses module is a solution for the standardisation, cleaning and correction of information related to postal addresses in a database. With this solution, postal addresses are campified, corrected and updated to keep the database correct and clean. In addition, they are assigned a reliability indicator and the correct postal code is incorporated.

How does it work?

Due to the establishment of standards applied to postal address data, the source information is separated into different fields. The normalized address is separated by type and street name, number and complement of the address, postal code and city, even in non-validated addresses.

The road type information is returned standardized according to the Deyde Datacentric list of abbreviations.

At the same time, the denominations of both the roads and the towns are corrected and updated and the correct and updated postal code is incorporated.

Module specifications for each country

What does it bring?
The advantages of having a clean database
ventaja 1

Fast delivery times

ventaja 2

Agility and improved efficiency of marketing campaigns

ventaja 3

Constant updating of the postal addresses of records in your database

ventaja 4

Maximum reliability in your database records

ventaja 5

Strategic vision in data governance

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Multiply efficiency in decision making






Recurrent customers


Billion records processed

Success stories


An entity constituted in June 1965 as an industrial bank, 50% between Banco Santander and Bank of America. It has been using Deyde DataCentric’s services since 2006 to reliably locate its clients in the databases.


The Allianz Group is a German financial services multinational based in Munich. For several years, it has been providing various types of Deyde DataCentric services such as standardisation and data enrichment.


Spanish transport company with more than 75 years in the logistics sector. It has been using Deyde DataCentric’s services since 2011 with the aim of exceeding users’ expectations in parcel delivery.

¿Por qué invertir en Calidad de Datos?

¿Por qué invertir en Calidad de Datos?

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