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A little bit of history

Deyde Datacentric and database processing

Every story has a beginning and ours was born from the idea of a group of data quality specialists, aware of the need for companies to identify and locate their customers’ data, as basic material for their growth in the 21st century. This beginning is Deyde Datacentric and the creation of a development platform of a high quality software for the automated treatment of databases, which is MyDataQ.

 Several professionals specialized in Data Quality developed the first version of MyDataQ, a powerful tool that will not stop growing in modules and modalities until today .

After several years of development and expansion in the Spanish market we opened the Cloud part of MyDataQ and adapted to the possibility of offering services through the cloud. 


 A new module is attached to the tool, further improve it by assigning Geo Coordenadas to a postal address .

In only 5 years this startup grows at a very high speed, as does its tool, and Spain becomes too small, so we arrive in Portugal...

…and one year later we are still extending our speciality, data quality, to Italy...

Meanwhile, MyDataQ continues to expand with modules, in this case it was the turn of E-mail. Thanks to this module, millions of e-mails can be corrected and validated…

Thinking back to the XY coordinate module, we managed to turn it around and make a new module in great demand and that is the Geo Inversa, thanks to some coordinates we manage to give with great precision the population, postal code and street of a point…

And 9 years later we crossed the pond. Our tool spreads like wildfire and arrives in Mexico, and that’s not all. We developed the module to standardize phones, and a new way of implementing Pay per Use...

Congratulations! It’s been 10 years now that we’ve been at DEYDE. To celebrate it we launched a MyDataQ solution at a global level, in order to offer Data Quality services worldwide. In addition, we like to support small businesses and therefore, we created an e-commerce platform aimed at SMEs (eCommerce) .

Mexico is our new home, we opened our first office in Mexico. We launched to the market one of the most powerful modules of postal addresses enrichment that we have today, and it is MyDataQ Geo Catastro, enrichment through cadastral information….

The great team that DEYDE is visiting Colombia and in love with the place is developing a specific solution for this country. Likewise, in order to offer an even higher quality service, the identification of duplicated data is produced in real time (from the very moment of its recording in BBDD) at an international level….

Colombia welcomed us warmly and so we opened our first office. But that’s not all, we created a specific tool for all Latin America under the name MyDataQ Latam .

After a year with this tool and under a great demand in Chile, we set up our first office there…

MyDataQ does not stop growing thanks to the development of a great team of Data Quality specialists increasingly committed to improving the services of our customers and we launched in Mexico MyDataQ RFC Validation, a new module for RFC validation in Mexico.

From now on

Today we are immersed in many projects and extensions of our tool to always provide a very specialized and improved service to our customers.


At Deyde Datacentric we have a highly qualified and specialised team. We bet on people and the values that each one of them contributes within each sector of the company, we see beyond the age, sex or country they belong to. In this way, both the people who are here today and those who have passed through here and have left their grain of sand, have provided the basis for forming this great family that we know today as Deyde Datacentric.

Likewise, if anything characterizes us, it is our honesty. What we promise we deliver and our commitment is our guide. We never give up. For more than 25 years we have specialised in data quality, offering quality products that are perfectly adapted to the needs of our clients.

The values that define us are:


Our speciality is data, its standardisation, optimisation, enrichment and processing to avoid duplication. This specialization makes us, without blush, leaders in our sector of activity.

Commitment to the client.

We want to collaborate with our customers and be close to them. Listening to their needs, adapting to their requests and offering them a suitable product is a sign of Deyde Datacentric‘s identity.


Commitment to the organization

We work to make Deyde Datacentric an excellent workplace that attracts talent and makes the team that makes up the company proud.


We are totally transparent, and we strive to improve our internal and external communication every day.