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Success stories: Insurance

"One of the main causes of losing a client is ignorance of the client"

The insurance sector is one of the sectors that require a significant use of the data contained in its databases, and in order to do so in an appropriate manner, the need for this data to be of high quality arises. The veracity of the data is useful for addressing your customers, carrying out marketing and sales strategies, or simply making decisions relevant to the entity, among others. 

Thus, there are already more than 100 companies in the insurance sector that have the MyDataQ Data Quality solution for the normalization, duplicate detection and enrichment of their data. Thanks to this tool of own development, numerous cases of duplicated data have been detected, achieving direct, indirect and reputational savings for the companies.

Keep an updated database to give a differential and personalized treatment to your customers.

It develops strategies around a quality database to avoid future errors.

Get to know your customers better by enriching your database with geographical data.

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