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Success stories: MRM

"Standardise and clean up the databases of different brands"

MRM sought, on the one hand, to standardize and clean up the databases of customers who bought the products of one of its brands to obtain a unique and standardized view of their customers. On the other hand, they needed to standardize and clean up the databases of another of their brands to carry out a marketing campaign optimized for the launch of a new product in Spain  

MRM achieved, in the first case, a standardized, clean and free of duplicates, and in the second case achieved a marketing campaign with a higher level of optimization in shipments for its new product, in addition to a more structured database.  

In the first case, MyDataQ was used for the standardisation of names and postal addresses, and the deduplication module for a unique view of each of its customers. In the second case, the modules for the normalisation of names, e-mails and postal addresses were used for a specific service, as well as the module for identifying duplicates in order to avoid duplication of shipments.  

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