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Success stories: Marketing Agencies

"Correct and clean databases to increase the effectiveness of marketing strategies "

Marketing agencies are increasingly relying on information from their own databases to carry out more effective campaigns, both when producing promotional newsletters and their own offers and when developing their clients’ strategies. Having quality data is essential in order to avoid high percentages of mailing errors (due to false or incorrect addresses) and failed mailing campaigns, not to mention the agency’s and company’s own reputation.

At present, agencies of the category of Ogilvy or “Wunderman” have already counted on the services of MyDataQ to boost their database by standardizing e-mails as the basis of a good mailing strategy. There are millions standardized and corrected e-mail addresses, which have served, among other things, to improve the sending rate, response rate and the reputation and image of the company.

Updated, clean and enriched database.

Standardized and corrected e-mail addresses.

Reduction of errors in shipments and improvement of the company image by avoiding failed shipments and marking as Spam.

Most contracted solutions