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BeeDIGITAL and DEYDE, a 17 year partnership

Since 2004, and after several changes over time, BeeDIGITAL has relied on DEYDE’s services to provide the highest quality data.

It has been more than 17 years since the leading company in digitisation technology solutions for SMEs and the self-employed in Spain, Páginas Amarillas, currently known under the name of BeeDIGITAL, relied on DEYDE Data Quality’s normalisation, enrichment and duplicate identification services.

Its name change is due to the digital evolution of the company over the years, and throughout this transformation process BeeDIGITAL has relied on DEYDE for the optimisation of its clients’ internal data.

DEYDE and BeeDIGITAL began their relationship in 2004, when the British group Yell owned Yellow Pages. At that time it was already established as the reference business search engine with its telephone directories and, after taking its first steps in the digital world, they decided to include the MyData Names, Addresses and Dedupe modules in their Batch Usage licence for large databases with massive records.

After two years of collaboration, BeeDIGITAL decided to continue to rely on DEYDE for its databases and extended the licence with the addition of a new tool, MyDataQ Geo Coordinates, essential for a business based on the search and location of SMEs by users.

The MyDataQ modules contracted by BeeDigital are fundamental, as the search engine provides information on the exact address of the businesses and how close they are to the customer’s location.

A portal such as Pá, which has more than one million entries, is very likely to find duplicate entries. Finding and eliminating them is fundamental to avoid errors, improve the company’s image and achieve a unique vision of its customers.

Present and future of BeeDIGITAL together with DEYDE

BeeDIGITAL currently relies on DEYDE as its reference standardiser, having renewed its Cloud licence for the unlimited processing of its database in the cloud for Spain and Andorra. It also has the MyDataQ Addresses, Geo Coordinates and Geo Inverse tools, which help to generate postal addresses from coordinates.

José Luis Torregrosa, IT Manager at BeeDIGITAL has indicated that DEYDE has been a great help. “We use the services that provide us with operations to validate, search, complete addresses and normalise them so that we can include them in our system properly”, he explained. For his part, Luis Martínez, General Manager of DEYDE, expressed his satisfaction and thanked BeeDIGITAL for once again placing its trust in DEYDE’s services to improve the quality of the information contained in its databases. DEYDE always “seeks to improve the quality of our clients’ data so that they can get the most out of it”, he said.

The future of BeeDIGIAL and DEYDE

Both companies face the future in harmony and effectiveness. Over the years, the importance of companies having a digital identity has been demonstrated. The survival of small and medium-sized companies depends on their digitalisation and localisation on the internet.

Two years ago, Yellow Pages reinvented itself again, becoming BeeDIGITAL. The company has been adapting to changing consumer habits to offer customers answers to their needs in the world of digital marketing, and proof of this are the more than 70,000 customers, the database of more than one million SMEs and more than 140,000 websites produced so far.

For its part, DEYDE Data Quality will continue to support its project thanks to the unlimited licence. After DEYDE joins the Tinsa Group, we will work on the development of new ideas to further enhance the current tools and solutions that can benefit all companies.