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MyDataQ Geo Tipologías: enrichment with socio-demographic and economic features

What is it?

The Geo Tipologías module is a solution for the enrichment of postal address data with socio-demographic and economic variables. These typologies segment Mexican families based on their socio-demographic and economic characteristics.

How does it work?

This segmentation allows the type and socio-demographic indicators of its Basic Geostatistical Areas (AGEB) to be added to each postal address, as it is generated on the basis of more than 1,200 variables available at the level of this AGEB code.

Likewise, for each typology, economic and socio-demographic indicators are assigned, based on more than 200 simple variables taken from the 2010 Population and Housing Census published by INEGI. This includes a wide range of 23 types or segments and 26 different socio-demographic indicators

What does it bring?
The advantages of having a rich database

Increase in the information we have about our customers

Greater precision in the location of the customer

Better segmentation of our target customers according to consumption

Improvement in the response level of marketing campaigns

Multiply efficiency in decision making

Facilitates the decision to create new offices based on our clients and the competition






Recurring customers


Records processed

Success stories


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¿Por qué invertir en Calidad de Datos?

¿Por qué invertir en Calidad de Datos?

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