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MyDataQ Phones: standardisation of telephone numbers in your database

What is it?

The Phones Validation module is a solution for the cleaning and standardisation of telephone numbers in a database. This solution identifies the prefixes of the country corresponding to the processed telephone, eliminates non-numeric characters, identifies the type of telephone processed (landline, mobile….) and provides a validation indicator for the processed number.

How does it work?

By establishing rules applied to the telephone number data, non-numeric characters are removed from the telephone and a call is made to the validation service of the AMD Telecom provider to perform the information validation processes. Finally, based on this, the phone’s validation grade is assigned.

What does it bring?
The advantages of a clean database

Recognition of landline, mobile and 900 numbers

Optimisation of telephone marketing campaigns

Maximum reliability of your database records

Increased automation of outgoing calls

Segmentation based on telephone number fields






Recurring customers


Records processed

Success stories

Banco Azteca

Mexican bank founded in 2002 with more than 4,000 branches in Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Peru. It has been using Deyde Datacentric services since 2017 and processes more than 30 million records annually with MyDataQ.

Oxfam Intermon

OXFAM Intermon is a Spanish non-governmental development cooperation organisation (NGDO), affiliated to the Oxfam confederation, which encompasses a total of 17 organisations working together in 41 countries. It relies on Deyde Datacentric‘s services since 2020 for the standardisation of its database and to avoid contacting current and future clients who are currently registered on the Robinson List.

¿Por qué invertir en Calidad de Datos?

¿Por qué invertir en Calidad de Datos?

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