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MyDataQ Batch

Processes records massively through office services, in the client's data centre or SaaS

MyDataQ Batch is an implementation system of our recommended solution for large databases with massive records. This massive process can be carried out in numerous forms of distribution tailored to customer needs.

First of all there is the possibility to install MyDataQ Batch in the client’s DPC. In this service, users are trained to use the contracted modules, and technical assistance is offered as well as maintenance of the data and software that form MyDataQ Batch.

Another form of distribution is through MyDataQ OnDemand, a distribution modality through DEYDE’s SaaS (Software as a Service) Platform. This platform allows the use of all MyDataQ products in batch mode, remotely, without the need for installation, maintenance or specific infrastructure. In this form of distribution there is availability 24x7x365 and the client will be able to execute the processes of Data Quality at the moment he wants by means of his authentication with the user data and password provided by DEYDE.

Finally we have the possibility of service in offices. This service will be carried out entirely at the client’s offices, by DEYDE personnel and by processing files on DEYDE-owned computer equipment. In this way, through MyDataQ Batch, the massive processing of the records contained in these files is carried out in an automated way together with a quality control.

Advantages of implementation by means of Batch

Massive registrations


All in one

Modules associated with the Batch mode

MyDataQ Names

Solution to standardize, clean and correct names in your database.

MyDataQ Addresses

Solution to standardize postal addresses in your database.

MyDataQ Geo Coordenadas

Solution designed to assign XY coordinates according to the postal address.